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Dr Simon Koblar Professor of Medicine, University Of Adelaide
Tyla is a young woman with a great sense of humor and experience in fitness for all ages. My wife found her and I was given a tryout in January 2014. I didn't think it would be my cup of tea as I am 53 years old. However, she soon had me hooked with her vibrant and forever changing morning sessions. It was different to what I had tried before by myself or at Gyms. I was doing exercise which was useful to me as a mature adult wanting to be fitter and slimmer. Our mantra has been "my fat forties and now fabulous fifties"! I am now cycling in Cambridge on holidays and walking anywhere I chose with 3 holes smaller on my belt. Frankly, I am the best I have felt for many a year.

Peter McCormack
I have been training with Tyla since November last year and it has been a fantastic experience her positive and professional approach to personal fitness has been instrumental to my recovery in my personal journey back to optimum health. Tyla's passion for fitness has given me a new lease on life and energy that I have not had in years. Tyla has worked with my limits from day one has helped me excel through all my personal fitness goals during the last 5 months. Tyla has made the session fun by utilizing a wide range of equipment most of which I did not know existed. Tyla has educated me on healthy food alternatives and food on the go .Today I have a routine for diet and fitness outside of our weekly training sessions and I’m so grateful for Tylas’ help and ongoing support in all these areas. I would highly recommend Tyla to anyone looking for a professional personal trainer you won’t regret it she is awesome.

Rufus Spiller (Creative Director)
After a stop start relationship with training due to an old sporting injury my chiropractor put me in touch with Tyla. With her help we built a training regime that not only got me back training regularly but gave me the groundwork to push further than I could go on my own. The sessions were varied and always pushed me hard. Tyla herself is enthusiastic, warm and great to train with. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get the most out of their fitness goals no matter what they are.

Julia Johnson (Teacher)
Amazing workout today, thank you Tyla! Not just exercise- motivation and encouragement to make the changes I need to be healthier and happier. Lifestyle, diet and health advice in a friendly, gentle way and a seemingly endless choice of equipment and workout options. Loved every minute, thank you!

Catherine Petracco
Tyla is fabulous at what she does. I loath the thought of exercise, have put on lots of weight and had become very unfit. In only three weeks Tyla has changed my whole attitude toward fitness and healthy eating. Astonishingly she has found ways to get me to work hard and enjoy it! Initially I phoned Tyla hoping to lose weight and improve my fitness enough so that I could get around overseas without collapsing! With Tyla's support I am now determined to become super fit and slim and feel more motivated and positive about the future than I have in 20 years. Already I have lost weight and feel so much stronger, not only physically but also emotionally!

Gemma Hay (Head Teacher)
Tyla was a huge inspiration who was as invested in my success as I was. Highly motivational training sessions supported by texts in between certainly kept me on track. Nothing was too much trouble. I really felt as though I was making progress in every session that I had with Tyla - there was never a sense of complacency. Tyla is very goal orientated and determined to help all of her clients achieve their goals. I have a low boredom threshold which Tyla recognised (!) so each session was varied, stimulating and invigorating. As well as being hugely knowledgeable about fitness and training, Tyla also provided excellent nutritional advice and encouragement towards sustainable healthy eating habits. Tyla helped me lose a considerable amount of weight in a manageable, informed and lasting manner. If Tyla was still in Edinburgh, I have no doubt that I would still be seeing her on a regular basis. Edinburgh's loss is Australia's gain.

Lisa Wedgwood (Restaurant Owner)
I had never set foot in to a gym before but after I reached 30 I wanted to stay slim, getting married was also a motivation in itself!! After two years with Tyla, I couldn't be happier with my figure, my health and my general attitude to fitness. Owning a restaurant means longs hours and ridiculous eating habits and patterns, before I met Tyla I thought surviving on red bull and chocolate was okay! Tyla's nutritional advice was amazing, I reconditioned my body and my mind., I started eating breakfast and cutting out foods I didn't need. Tyla never says you can't have something, just how to work to get what you want. Each training session was so much fun, varied and different each time. Getting prepared for my wedding was fun to, I described my dress and we really worked the areas which would be on show, without having to starve myself, but with exercise and the right eating I was just 8st 12 for my wedding - I think I was 17 the last time I weighed that much! I can't recommend Tyla enough - she makes exercise enjoyable and fun and as a bonus you get the body you want. THANK YOU so much Tyla

Tim Mills (Consultant)
I need 2 things from a PT, Flexibility and Variety. Basically I'm disorganised and have a shifting work schedule, I enjoy training but don't want to think about developing a programme and I get bored if I'm doing the same thing all the time. Tyla, over a period of a couple of years without fail, accommodated my need to chop and change regular slots and was always able to ad-lib a session on a suggestion by me. I never got bored, I always had fun, I was always challenged and I always had fun. I miss Tyla and the training and I really appreciate what I had now it's gone. Thanks Tyla, hope your new clients have as fantastic an experience.

Lauren Dynes (Consultant)
I was introduced to Tyla by a friend. I first started attending Tyla's boxercise class and bootcamp on a weekly basis and loved every minute. I then signed up for some personal training sessions to try and mix up my exercise regime. Tyla knows how to make exercise fun and quickly learns how to push you further without you realising it. As soon as I had accomplished one goal, Tyla's first question was "what are you going to do next?" It was this question that made me sign up for and complete my first half marathon. If you are looking for a personal trainer who will push you to achieve your goals, encourage you to continue to set new goals and support you all the way then Tyla is the person for you. Thanks for everything Tyla.

Jane Nieminska (Teacher)
I have reached my goal weight, am a lot fitter, have a better diet, loads of energy and no longer suffer from regular headaches. My skin is better and I've had to buy a new wardrobe of clothes! This is all down to Tyla's encouragement and support which has helped me make better lifestyle choices that fit into my daily routine. I really enjoyed the challenge of Tyla's fitness sessions and have continued to exercise and eat healthily since. My husband has also lost weight, just by following the same nutritional advice-a surprise bonus for someone who was a bit of a cynic! I woud definitely recommend Tyla as a personal trainer. I loved her supportive approach which challenged me to improve week by week. Value for money and money well spent! Thanks Tyla. :)

Leigh Barrow (Private Banking)
Four years ago I had finally had enough of feeling tired, lethargic and lumpy and knew that a personal trainer was the only way I would feel comfortable exercising. Previous forays in to the gym or to organised classes had not gone well as I felt self conscious and uncomfortable exercising in public. Still nervous I turned up for my first session and was immediately convinced I had made the right decision. Tyla's sessions were fun from the start, she always seemed to know just how hard to push me. She works every part of your body and finds new and interesting ways to disguise a squat and a lunge so that before you know it you've completed literally hundreds! Spurred on by my enjoyment of her PT sessions I signed up for her boxercise class and a Sunday morning bootcamp. Always fun, always friendly and most importantly always welcoming. People often ask why I still go to a personal trainer after four years. Because she's the best. Tyla never judges her clients, she understands that people have lives to live and that we can't always have the perfect diet/lifestyle but she teaches (not preaches) how to make the best choices. I've already recommended Tyla to friends with only positive results so do not hesitate in recommending her to the whole of Adelaide. Edinburgh's loss is definitely Adelaide's gain so go on, you won't regret it!

Samantha Lamb (Banking Sector)
I initially met Tyla when I booked an appointment for a massage to ease shoulder and neck tension. The massage went so well that I returned every month for the next three years. During the course of the massage, Tyla and I would chat and got to know each other well. I found her outlook in life extremely uplifting and very motivational. Aside from leaving feeling thoroughly more upbeat that when I had arrived, Tyla is also a wealth of practical information from nutrition to exercise. I heard about Tyla's boot camp directly from Tyla, and started attending on a Sunday morning when I was in Edinburgh. Truth be told you're never that enthusiastic when you're dragging yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning, however it was a great group of people, and the work out was challenging although accessible for all levels. With hindsight, I think my fitness was at its best when I was attending Tyla's boot camps!

Eileen Sharp (Retired)
I have been so pleased with the results achieved so far - I did not think I could actually enjoy exercise again at my age, 60+. Tyla always kept you motivated and took a personal interest in your development. I was impressed by her knowledge about diet and nutrition - this has changed my eating habits for ever. She always planned something different at each session and this helped to keep me going - will never forget 'alphabet abs'!!!!!!! Thank you for all the advice and for being such a great personal trainer

Glynis Fox (Osteopath)
Tyla is an extremely skilled personal trainer. She has worked with me to help to re-establish and maintain my personal fitness. She has friendly and considerate nature which meant that while pushing me to exert myself she maintained a good working relationship with me. I work as an osteopath and have referred many patients to Tyla with a variety of training and fitness needs. Tyla is always positive about the goals that her clients are trying to achieve. She has had an excellent relationship with all of the patients I have sent to her. I whole heartedly recommend her.

Carole Ryden (Actuary)
I have been training with Tyla for over 2 years now and I can honestly say her influence on my life has been transformational. I went along initially with the goal of regaining muscle that was naturally dissipating with age and the hope of having a more toned body. I was also conscious that exercise could help reduce the damaging affects on my body of my high stress levels. I'm not the sporty type. I didn't even own a pair of proper trainers so I was wary that I might not be the kind of client a personal trainer would warm to. I felt quite self conscious to begin with but Tyla soon made me realise she wasn't comparing me with anyone else other than the fitter person she knew I could be and whilst she advised me to get something better than the 'fashion' baseball boots I had there was no pressure to do so. The first few weeks were hard work as I was more unfit than I had realised and Tyla was focused on exercising all areas of muscle. I was clock watching after the first 30 or so minutes of the class but after 2 or 3 months I noticed that the hour would be over and I hadn't been conscious of the time. I stopped slightly dreading sessions and began to look forward to them. At first it was just a case of me turning up doing my class and coming back for more the next week but Tyla continued to encourage me to try some exercises in between. I never felt I had time but she was persuasive and never gave up. Somehow she got me convinced I could get up early and exercise before getting ready for work at least half the week. Tyla is very wise and practical in her approach to personal training and I think that is part of why she is so successful. She understands that people with busy lives will only maintain a fitness routine if it is something that can fit with their lifestyle and something that they enjoy; so she experiments with different forms of exercise and ways and times of doing it till she gets your buy in. Another attribute is her holistic approach. She is interested in the whole person; their lifestyle, their stress levels, their quality of sleep and their diet. She wants to help with it all; she can and she does. I have learnt so much from Tyla and thanks to her I am fitter, more toned, healthier and I am using her guidance to improve my sleep and reduce my stress levels on a daily basis. I think she has been referred to in other reviews as 'amazing' and she is indeed amazing in many ways and I am grateful to her for all her help .

Tricia Murphy Black (Professor of Midwifery, retired)
Post-operative, unfit, a crinklie and feeling past it, I needed someone, somewhere to exercise under supervision without the stares of the young and beautiful. Tyla Wilson's mini gym is perfect, a private space with masses of equipment, and despite its small size plenty of room to have a full workout. The best part is Tyla - she can devise exercises at the drop of a hat for the ageing body (this week, oooh my back, next week, poor knees) she makes allowances for the variation in health and ability, she is endlessly encouraging and convinces me that the best way to grow old is as fit as possible. Of course, this place will suit the young and beautiful, there is a lovely view out to the water, the temperature is controlled so that hot and sweaty is not an issue and there is a great shower. I started going to 10 sessions, two years on I am still going every week - why, because it is worth it and I am worth it.

C Lim (Doctor)
I have been training with Tyla for over a year now. I saw Tyla's website by chance and not looked back since. My goals were to maintain lean muscle, strengthen core muscles without getting too bulky and calories burning. I discussed my aim with Tyla in my first meeting and knew straight way that Tyla could help me achieve the aims. In my opinion, Tyla is very professional, courteous, enthusiastic and last but not least, patient. This is very important for me as after a long day at work, I need someone who is patient to motivate me to train. Tyla has always made me feel welcome when I turned up for training no matter how bad the weather. I feel that Tyla enjoys her work and will give you her full attention every time. I have been using an exercise watch with calories counting and in my experience, each session with Tyla is guaranteed to burn at least 600 Calories. I always feel refreshed after each exercise, which is what I want. In the last year, I have been introduced to many exercise techniques such as Bosu, Kettlebell, TRX, plyometric, resistance bands and boxecise. I particularly enjoyed boxercise and this has been incorporated in my training each time. Whenever I want to try something different such as training with Bosu, all I need to do is text her in advance and she will plan an exercise regime for me. Apart from exercise, Tyla also give advice on nutrition and cooking. I tried one of her oat cookies and it was delicious! I have also started eating brown rice instead of white rice. In summary, Tyla is a truly excellent personal trainer and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a personal trainer. She will definitely help you achieve your goals!

Sarah Knox (Teacher and Artist)
I met Tyla motivating a bootcamp in the park on a Sunday morning. She was immediately warm, embracing and enthusiastic and my husband and I joined her merry gang. I needed more tlc and joined her for 2 blocks of personal training because I sought more focus and weight loss. On average I lost 1 or 2 lbs each week when I followed her advice on exercise, food/ drink choices and portion sizes. I have been so impressed by her knowledge of anatomy, psychology and diet. She has been a first-rate life coach who has the ability to engage with issues and literally makes you box them out of your system! I am so grateful for her motivation and know she will go on to be a much-loved personal trainer in Adelaide.

Stewart McGrath (Retired)
I was originally introduced to Tyla by my Osteopath. One of the best decisions of my life! I am 69 years old, and retired, and over a period of time Tyla has managed to "persuade" me to become much fitter, and, to eat more healthily. Basically, I knew that if I went back the following week, and I had not improved, then I would get a good telling off ( in a polite way, of course ), so, I had a good incentive to try harder! Also, when I returned to Tyla some months ago, after living outside Edinburgh for a while, I had a problem with my lower back. Tyla has managed to solve my back problem by giving me suitable exercises to strengthen this area. The correct exercises from someone who knows what they are doing, most certainly work. Tyla is also very good at motivating people to eat and become healthier. We all need someone like Tyla to help us obtain a better quality of life! I would finish by saying, that Tyla has proved to be an excellent Personal Trainer, and a really good friend for advice. She will be missed in Edinburgh.

Caroline Gilmour (Project Manager/Part Time Musician)
If you want to change your body shape for the better and re-programme your brain towards a healthier way of life- then get in touch with Tyla Wilson.     Signing up with Tyla has literally been life changing for me. Years of trying to cope with a hectic lifestyle (full time job, semi pro musician, sitting exams, etc) meant that exercise and nutrition were always the things I'd neglect as there were always 'more important things' to attend to. I was introduced to Tyla by a friend, and after our initial consultation, Tyla had a pretty good picture of my 'profile' and knew what to do to get me motivated. Our training sessions are not just about xercise; they tackle motivational issues, getting the work/life balance right and nutritional advice. Tyla goes well beyond what is required for a typical personal trainer - she genuinely cares about her clients and makes tailor made plans to suit anyone's lifestyle. My eating habits have changed for the better - I don't even miss the junk I would eat before. And I love exercise, to the point where if I don't do it once or twice a week, I actually really miss it. Thank you Tyla - you've made a huge impact to my well being.

Eve Fehilly (Actor)
This review is long overdue as I Tyla is the most fantastic trainer! Really helped me on my way to get my life together, you can tell she really cares about the person you are. really wonderful!!

Erica Delaney (Student)
Tyla is the most wonderful trainer. She keeps her clients goals in mind, helping them to meet both long and short-term goals at an easily maintainable pace. She is one of the most motivating people I have ever met, and yet she manages to do so without being harsh or preachy. Her passion for fitness is a daily inspiration! I never cease to be amazed by her vast knowledge of all things healthy and the fact that she stays incredibly current in her field. Every session is a new challenge and she will make sure that you never get bored of your workout. I couldn't recommend her more highly whether your goal is to run a marathon, or just get up the stairs without being out of breath. She will give you all the tools you need to reach your goal!!

Wilma Ross (Teacher)
If you want to change your body shape for the better and re-programme your brain towards a healthier way of life- then get in touch with Tyla Wilson.       Since having my son in Oct 2010 by emergency c-section, I was rather apprehensive about when, how, and even if it was at all possible,  to regain my former toned pre-baby body.  By February this year I was feeling slightly deflated and losing hope as all my attempts to shift my baby weight had failed- copious  fitness classes and fad diets just were not giving me any results.  I felt tired, sluggish, heavy and flabby (not a pleasant image). As a final bid to be a 'yummy mummy', I googled personal trainers and Tyla Wilson appeared.  I emailed her and she instantly replied- there was no going back.....   I have now completed a ten weeks block with Tyla and I have finally made the progress I was desperate for. With Tyla's help and support I have lost the excess body fat, lost inches, gained muscle and on route to having a stronger core.  I am now making much more healthier and informed choices about what I eat and have stopped thinking of food in terms of calories.  Along the way, I have also discovered a love for kettlebells, boxing...and eggs!!   Tyla made me accountable for what I ate and inspired me to exercise more efficiently.  She designs training programmes around your personal likes, needs and time.  I am still amazed at how quickly my body changed and how much more energy I have.  I didn't think I would ever be happy with my body again- but I am now!    So as not to lose my focus and also because I enjoy the training sessions in her lovely studio, I have just signed up for another block of 5 sessions.   Thanks Tyla

Lyn Robertson
Couldn't have done it without Tyla, Last June i was faced with the problem that my daughter who was 13 announced she wanted to go on a diet, she is a very tall child measuring 5'7 in height and size 8 shoe size she however was always overweight, i had decided not to tackle this until she got older, but, when she wanted to lose weight voluntarily, i weighed her and both of us were shocked when she weighed 14 stone!!!!! i couldn't ignore the problem any longer, because of her age, no gyms would take her and i had to look at other alternatives, i found Tyla on the web, and called her, after a long discussion Tyla agreed to take Laura on as long as i came too, being 46 and fairly ok about my weight, and never thinking i could regain my teenage size at my age i agreed not really thinking it would make much difference to me, after all everyone told me that once your in your 40's you simply can't lose the weight. The results have been spectacular, over the years i have done lots of gym work and lost weight with very hard work, however this was a completely different and better ball game. Tyla enthused both me and Laura, gave us life advice on our outlook on food and how it reacts with our body and made us rethink our whole eating habits, 8 months on i have lost almost 3 st, I now am back to my size 8 (which i haven't been since i was in my teens) having started at size 14 , the difference has touched every aspect of my life, to be able to go shopping and buy whatever i want to wear rather than choosing on the basis of what was going to hide my stomach, bum and thighs! My clients and friends all are amazed at the difference and two clients have now booked sessions with her simply on the basis of my dramatic change, i feel great and with my 47th birthday looming i have no worries whatsoever about getting nearer that 50 mark as quite frankly i look better than i ever did. Lauras confidence has dramatically improved and she is now 2 st down, she is doing so much better at school and involving herself in all sorts of sports and activities which she wouldn't have had the courage to do before, and, thanks to Tyla doing it sensibly and learning lessons that will take her through her life. I can't envision a time when we will want to give up training with Tyla as our sessions are such good fun and we feel so good after them. I can't recommend Tyla more highly, having known and used many trainers in various places she is by far the best, quite simply a different class, her positivity, optimism and more importantly her understanding of real life and how issues affect your life are a constant support. Laura and I both consider ourselves very lucky to have found her and now consider her as one of our best friends. If there were 10 stars id tick each one.

John Adams (Operations Manager)
This is really an update because I’ve now been working with Tyla for 12 months. In 2011 I had a dream of reaching the summit of Mera Peak, the highest trekking peak in the world in Nepal. Well in April I was one of only three out of a team of ten to make the summit and I was the oldest and I firmly believe that my fitness got me through the tough time, and believe me there were a fair few of them. Anyway on my return to Edinburgh I wanted to keep my fitness up and started looking around for my next challenge and came up with the Edinburgh marathon – except Tyla thought that was a bit tame so another look found The Wall which is a 65 mile ultramarathon!! Tyla has planned and managed my training programme and things have gone from strength to strength. So much so that in 2012 I will be doing the Edinburgh Marathon, The Wall, the Yorkshire Three Peaks race and the Scottish Coast to Coast (see www.jadamsoutdoors.com ). Tyla’s enthusiasm and passion for fitness and healthy living has also led to me enrolling on a course of study to become a Personal Trainer. Not bad when you consider that just three years ago I was the ultimate couch potato and Tyla is the driving force behind the change. Whatever your goals or objectives, Tyla will work with you to give you the very best chance of achieving them – all you have to do is listen to her and work hard.

Katherine Melton Scott (Director)
Tyla Wilson...Personable, Professional, Persistent a Perfect Personal Trainer! Do not bother looking at an alternative. Her experience and expertise in training and nutrition ensures that she does not roll-out an exercise programme with the view of one size fits all.! In 10 months, my health has been transformed so much so I have avoided a major operation and serious amounts of time off work. Yes, I have lost a stone and a half in weight but more importantly my psychology has changed towards fitness, nutrition and health. Some of my friends think a Personal Trainer is a luxury and I would agree but Tyla Wilson is an investment in your health and an insurance policy to ensure you improve and maintain your quality of life. And...the icing on the cake (not that we should eat cake...sorry Tyla) - she is good fun to be around due to her postivitity. Someone that can make me get up at 5am to work out when I have only just arrived back at midnight from business - deserves 5 stars...!!!

Rachel (Management Consultant)
Tyla has been fantastic! I've lost over 2 stones and regained my zest for life due to her motivational skills, enthusiasm and sense of fun. Highly recommend her!

Kenny McGavin (IT Consultant)
If you are looking for an excellent personal trainer who will motivate you and ensure you get really great results , then Tyla is definitely the trainer for you! Last year I had gained too much weight but with a busy work schedule and a new baby, I didn't have much spare time for working out. From the outset, Tyla was excellent; she listened to my goals and gave me a program that I could follow at home with minimal equipment. She really motivated me to take action and challenged me to push myself. Tyla also gave me some excellent nutritional advice, which really helped my training. Tyla knows how to really motivate people and also provides support outwith the training sessions. With Tyla's help and encouragement I have now lost about 2 stone and really toned up. Exercise is a fun and key part of my life and I have achieved a lifestyle change that I have longed for. Thanks Tyla, you're a star!

John Adams (Operations Manager)
So you've decided to start working out for whatever reason and you've asked yourself the question - do I need a Personal Trainer? Just over two years ago I was overweight and unfit and decided it was time to sort it out. I started going to the gym and just doing my own thing and it was working but then I decided I wanted to take on a challenge and went for Mera Peak in Nepal. At that point I asked myself the question - Personal Trainer or not? I went with yes - and never looked back. So what does a PT bring that you can't achieve yourself? Well, for one they are qualified and know how to train you to meet your objectives whatever they might be. But, in my opinion, the biggest benefit is that they keep you motivated to drive on and reach your goals. So, as far as I'm concerned, the answer has to be yes - get yourself a PT and you'll see an amazing difference. If you are in the Edinburgh area and you want to work with a Personal Traner why not try Tyla Wilson? Give her a call - I can certainly recommend Tyla. She will work with you to achieve your aims and objectives. Go on give it a go

Victoria Bennett
As quite an unfit person who wanted to get in shape I was pretty anxious about the prospect of going to the gym. I had several workout sessions in my home with Tyla which was the perfect solution for me. Tyla was really supportive and encouraging and actually made me feel inspired to exercise - something I had previously dreaded doing! I've now joined my local gym and am actually enjoying it, I don't feel self-concious about going and I am excited about the progress I'm making. I'd never have had the courage to do this without Tyla's help."

FITNESS GURU!! I first went to Tyla after I failed a number of fitness tests at work, I was desperate to improve my fitness levels and fast. I was instantly impressed with Tyla's energy and professionalism, she was just what I needed. The sessions I have with Tyla never feel like a chore, I look forward to them as she is always giving me new things to try. Tyla's personal work space is great as it gives you privacy to work out, knowing no one is watching you. Tyla is full of energy and her love of fitness is infectious, I certainly aspire to be like her. After seeing Tyla regularly for only 6 weeks I passed my fitness tests at work and more importantly regained my confidence in my fitness ability. I couldn't recommend her enough as a personal trainer and all round fitness/healthy living guru!!

I was apprehensive about going to a personal trainer for a full hour session, as I have not exercised much at all for over 10 years. Tyla was very professional and knowledgeable, watching what I could do whilst encouraging me on. She showed me each exercise clearly, and adapted them to help turn my soft centre into a toned core. Tyla's perfectly toned body shows that she definitely practices what she preaches. And I now have a home fitness routine to follow to keep up the good work between sessions. Tyla has moved to premises with a gym looking out onto a garden - perfect for the summer sunshine and fresh air. Thanks Tyla

David Ferguson (Civil Servant)
Earlier this year I realised that I had been too desk-bound (and sofa-bound!) for too long, and really needed to get active and improve my fitness. I didn't know how to go about this and reckoned I needed professional help. I went to Tyla for a consultation and I was impressed by how quickly she got the measure of me and by the tailored fitness programme she drew up for me. I've been having one-to-one sessions with Tyla for a while now and I always really enjoy the workouts. She gives me loads of encouragement but has never pushed me too hard - she gets the balance right. I've even taken up running again (first time since 1986!) and it was down to Tyla. Training is always fun and she gives me lots of variety in what I do. She is also happy to answer questions and give advice over the phone or by e-mail, and always responds very quickly. I'm glad I chose Tyla as my personal trainer, and I would strongly recommend her.

Alba(Marketing Professional)
Tyla will not just tailor make a training program to your exact needs, she will help you stick with it! Her enthusiasm is contagious, her positive attitude helps maintain motivation and her encouragement managed to get the best out of me. If you´re looking for a friendly, knowledgeable personal trainer that can help you achieve your fitness goals, look no further.

Catherine Campbell
I went to Tyla with a fitness goal. She went out of her way to help me obtain this, which I did. She was excellent at keeping in touch and motivating me, and answered any queries I had without hesitation. She provided a friendly and pleasant environment in which to train and ensured I trained to the best of my ability at all times. She conducts herself in a very professional and approachable manner and I would be more than happy to use her services again - she more than exceeded my expectations of a personal trainer.

Sylvia Ann Scott(HR Manager)
found Tyla through a google search and boy were the angels with me that day! I met with her the following week to talk through my goals, lifestyle and eating habits. My objective was to regain my previous fitness levels, tone up and generally feel better about the way I looked. I wanted to get back into some designer jeans too! My sessions with Tyla were fun, challenging, hard work and most importantly, productive. Tyla realised that I wanted to see results quickly and that I was happy to exercise at home. Therefore, she produced an easy to follow home exercise programme. Each week we added or amended these exercises so they became more challenging - and therefore effective. I am now fanatical about doing my daily exercises. My sessions with Tyla varied each time we met and the focus was on fun as much as fitness. I found Tyla to be focussed, easy to talk to, interested in my goals and aware of my limitations. Even though I have not been for a session for a few weeks Tyla has maintained contact and has encouraged me in my continued pursuit of fitness. Each session ended with words of encouragement and tips on what to eat as well as a healthy snack - courtesy of Tyla! So, if you are looking for a fun, energetic, effective personal trainer to work with you to achieve your goals - look no further. Tyla is your girl.

Margo S Linton ( Manager)
Tyla is an exceptional personal trainer. The support she has given me over the last few months, over and above I believe was expected of her was truly good. Her encouragement and belief in me really got me to my goal and for that I truly thank her. If anybody needs a push to get into shape I would recommend this girl.
Jane Maley - (Manager)
As a busy executive I had stopped exercising for over a year due to work pressure. I felt stressed and constantly tired, and my diet was very poor. From my initial consultation I felt Tyla put my needs first, designing a personal training plan that suited my lifestyle and fitness goals. What impressed me about Tyla was her total positive outlook and particular focus on me during my training sessions – correcting my techniques, encouraging me and making every exercise worth the effort. Tyla really does make exercise fun, always finding different ways to exercise! I recommend her Boxercise coaching to anyone! As well as fitness, Tyla is very knowledgeable about nutrition, and again provided me with great advice on how to improve my diet. Tyla's training plan has resulted in a total lifestyle change for me – I now take time out for regular exercise and actually enjoy it – whereas in the past I considered it a chore or a waste of time. I now have more energy and my friends have commented how much better I look. During a 12 week training session I achieved my goals - and have gone from a size 14 to a size 10! I'd recommend Tyla to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable trainer who can make getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey!
Karen Jack - (Solicitor)
I had been stuck in a rut with my weight since my second son was born 2 years ago. I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. I wasn't able to commit to a gym or exercise classes due to work and childcare commitments. Tyla has made a huge difference to my life. She came to my home at times that suited me and was always encouraging and enthusiastic. She has been very helpful with tips and advice on diet as well as exercise and I have been successful in losing a stone in weight which has made me feel so much better. Her plan is now a part of my life. Thank you Tyla.?
Melanie Brownlie (Sales Executive)
I was getting married shortly and my wedding dress did not fit- in a panic i looked on the web and came across Tyla Wilson personal training. Tyla helped me achieve my wedding body goal within a short space of 4 months. I lost 11lbs in total and 3 inches from my waist, taking me from a size 10-12 down to a 8-10. She also helped advice me on healthy eating and portion control, this coupled with exercise was the key to my success. Any bride to be will be anxious about how they look on their big day but thanks to Tyla i had nothing to worry about. I was very paranoid about my bingo wings, but after using free weights we had soon blasted them away, carved (Tyla's Favourite word) and toned them to perfection. I would recommend Tyla to everyone and am so grateful to have her as my personal trainer and as my friend.
Melanie's big day Mel with her husband
Dave (Taxi Driver)
I have just joined 'The Gym' about 4 weeks ago and have lost a stone and feel my life turning around all down to Tyla.The way she motivates the people she helps is amazing-almost hypnotic and she has gave me lots of healthy eating ideas I would never have thought of which stops the diet becoming boring.She and the rest of the team at the gym are amazing-6 weeks ago I could barely walk-now I have everything to go for.
Karen (Interior Designer)
I can’t thank Tyla enough for helping me get back the me I thought I had lost. Before I met her I was feeling run down and unhealthy. I knew there was a problem when I found I was struggling to bend over and do up my boots. I was feeling old before my time and had lost my get up and go. Tyla gave me an exercise plan which worked for me, together with a good nutrition plan and I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. In the following 6 weeks I lost between 1lb and 1.5lb a week, and now I see Tyla once a month just to keep me on track.
Ivana (Cosmetics Consultant)
I had put on a lot of weight and was not happy with myself. I was comfort eating all the wrong foods and was not exercising at all. With Tyla we agreed an exercise programme and on her advice I started a food diary. She gave me lots of healthy eating ideas, and nutritional advice. I wanted to lose 2 stone, so we set goals on how to achieve it, including one personal training session, plus 2 extra gym session a week , healthy eating and cutting down on alcohol. In the first 6 weeks I lost a stone, plus 7 inches off my combined waist, hips and thigh measurements. I am thrilled with my achievements so far and working with Tyla I can see my goals being reached sooner than I ever thought possible.
Ivana working out with Tyla Wilson